Friday, January 29, 2010


Greetings Blogsters!
This afternoon I went to do some shopping and saw some lovely green prawns, I thought 'I haven't cooked fish for a while (I'm not a fish person but love shell fish) so tonight I think I'll cook some prawns',
then some saw some Basa Freshwater Fish fillets that looked so nice so I bought a couple of those too.
I'm not what you call a confident cook so I basically cook from my heart, adding what I feel might taste nice, not what the recipe say will.
Took shopping home and immediately started to clean the prawns (hard job but so worth it).
For photos and recipe,

I then placed them in a dish and added some freshly grounded LEMON ZEST and the juice of half lemon and the other half I used for decoration purposes.

Then in a separate bowl I added , a good splash of OLIVE OIL, about 2 tablespoons of (The Food Company) crushed onion, garlic and chilli. Then I chopped 3or4 small sprigs thyme and 3 or 4 small stems of Italian Parsley and added it to the mixture.
I poured it on the Prawns and (with freshly washed hands) I mixed it into the prawns.

I have to tell you, they smelt so nice at this stage I just about wanted to eat them raw, I knew I had created something special here! (I hope I don't sound too boastful!)

Then it was off to the HOT frying pan, to which I added a splash of vegetable oil and a BIG dollop of butter.

 Cooked the prawns for a couple min each side and Voi-la`!!!
This is the end result.

There was all this beautiful juice left over, 'what do I do with it? Hang on what about the fillets? I know I'll add a splash of white wine and in go the fillets.'

I must say I was so plesantly surprised with the end result that I reckon I could just about sell the recipe to a restaurant. lol

The family and I sure enjoyed eating them!!!

Sorry Min I tried to ring you but there was no answer.
Honest truth!!!

These are the Fish Fillets. As I said I don't like fish but I really enjoyed these because they didn't have a fishy taste.
Buon Appetito!!!


  1. Hi, thank you for visiting my blog. I came by to admire your beach pictures (how lovely the white sand is!) as well as the pebble with your initial on it! You are right, it IS strange! I have not ever seen a shark egg and was quite surprised that the 'screw-like' object could be produced by a shark, and contains little sharks!

  2. Hi Lize
    thank you for coming to visit.
    I only knew it was a shark egg because I saw it at the Melbourne aquarium last year and asked, when they told me I was amazed.
    When you really look, the most amazing pieces of art are in nature itself. I think
    I have only started to truly see it in the past year or so.
    LL Natx

  3. That looks delicious! You're just gonna have to make it again for me, you know, to see if the recipe is spot on ;)

  4. Oh my, this looks delicious! Tino grows a few herbs, I know he has thyme and continental parsley, is that the same as Italian parsley? Vx

  5. I will make it soon Min, promise!

    Yes Vanessa, it is the same, it is the flat leaf variety. I find this has a stronger flavour than the curly one which I use more for decoration purposes.
    Thank you for visiting my blog!

  6. Hi thanks for visiting my blog.
    It was delicious (I surprised myself) that's why I posted the ingredients I used. I thought others might want to try it as they are so quick!
    LL Nat

  7. Hello,I am not much of a fish eater either but those fillets looked DELICIOUS!!
    Warm Wishes,
    Cally x

  8. Thank you for your visit Cally.
    LL Nat

  9. Looks like a resturant meal