Thursday, January 28, 2010

My teddy Rufus

Greetings blogsters,
seeing that I did say in my profile that I enjoy making bears, I thought I better post a photo of at least one of my bears.
This is my first opened mouth bear I have made. He is made from good quality synthetic fur, suede hand and foot pads and glass eyes. His face has been scissor sculpeted to give him his charecter. He stands at around 22cm high, is jointed at arms and legs and head with wooden disks and cotter pins, this makes him very posable.
The back of his eyes have been shaded with copic markers.
I enjoy making bears as I never know what charecter they take on. I look forward to finishing them and see what name suits them.
This one I thought looked like a Rufus! What do you think?

The tongue on this little fellow was also shaded using copic markers.


  1. Oh how lovely is Rufus, your very talented, thanks for visiting my blog, you have a delightful blog here which I will be visiting from now on :)

    All things nice...

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog and for the encouraging message.
    Maybe I should get my furs out and make another one. I do enjoy it very much but unfortunately I have too many interest for the time I have free.
    LL Nat

  3. Oh he is definitely a Rufus! Such a sweet, grand ole bear :)

    Get cracking on another, I am missing your bears. Maybe we need a bear making weekend (and you KNOW you'll be stitching on the ears of my bear for me)


  4. Glad to be of help anytime!!!
    LL xx