Saturday, February 6, 2010

Organic, Home grown v Bought

Recently I bought some nectarines that looked a million dollars but when I ate them, they tasted like poison!

I don't know what they use to treat them but if the taste (and the way my stomach felt afterward) is anything to go by, it can't be good for you.
This, (needless to say) has brought me to appreciate the few fruit and vegies we  grow in the garden. I thought I'd share them with you.

These are some peaches we have at the moment. Although they don't look the best, they taste amazing!  I guess that's why they call them 'Million dollar Peaches'
Nothing beats the taste of home grown fruit!!!
Below is a picture of our blood oranges, they are green at the moment but I can't wait till they ripen as they are the only oranges I (absolutely) love!!!
We are now trying to grow as much organic produce as we can. I'm encouraging my husband to plant more fruit trees.
We also have fresh herbs, (which I love cooking with as nothing gives the same flavour to foods), lemon tree, chilli plant, eggplants, potatoes.
Below left is a photo of the potato plant flowers. ( I think they are so prettty) Vegetables and herbs actually have some very pretty flowers!!!
To the right is the flower from a plant called chicory, which is a bitter lettuce type of plant, to cook as greens. Very healthy!
In the middle is a branch of our lemon tree.

Last but not least I thought I'd show you a photo of the pomegrate (as in an earlier post) fully ripened. This is a photo of one from last year as this year's have a few weeks to go yet.
The grandchildren have a ball picking the seeds out ot them and eating them!

When our Mulberries are in season I will take a photo of them and show you what they look like.

I hope this inspires you all, to grow some fruit and vegetables, because no matter how small your garden you can always grow something, even if it's in pots.

LL Nat


  1. Fruit from the shop is stored for 6 months in coolrooms. And they say they are the "fresh food people". I surpose they arent technically they are fresh, just been in the fridge too long though. Nothing beats the fruit and veg you grow, or get from some excellent farmers markets. Good article.

  2. Thanks Adrian,
    I reckon they must spray some preservatives to keep them looking so good!
    LL Nat

  3. Home grown is so much yummier!
    I agree with Adrian..fresh food people. Yeah right. The capsicum from there tastes like bleach!

  4. Oh fruit in this country is a nightmare!!I was brought up in France and have such memories of the abundance of delicious flavours of the fruit,not so in the UK.We try,in season,to go to the pick your own fruit farms here where the fruit is much better..
    Happy growing!,
    Warm Wishes,
    Cally x x x

  5. Thanks for your visit Cally.
    I was born in Italy and still remember fondly all our fruit trees!
    LL Nat

  6. I love homegrown...they are always better! Thanks for coming by and I hope to see you again:)


  7. It was my pleasure Linda!
    Thank you for your visit!
    LL Nat

  8. Ahhh, yes, the homegrown produce. Words cannot describe how much I love it! We have 2 peach trees, 1 white nectarine tree, 1 cherry tree, 1 pear tree, 1 lemon tree, 1 mandarin tree, 1 orange tree and another fruit tree, but I don't know what it is yet! We also have a chilli plant and several types of herbs. We also had some potatoes, lol! I just want more, more, MORE!!!

    There is seriously nothing better than going outside first thing in the morning, picking off a big juicy peach from the tree then cutting it up and having it with your breakfast. At that point, I am in heaven on earth :)

  9. Hello dear Nat...well pomegranates are MY ABSOLUTE fav fruit...I possibly eat them right till March every day...we get so many in Canada at a very good price...I am a Registered Nutritionists so knowing the benefits of them...well that is why lol...
    see you next week...I am now a follower too..
    madame samm

  10. Thank you for your visit Madamme Samm, it's an honour to have such a talented artist as yourself as a follower!
    LL Nat

  11. Yep the fresh food people... isnt that a laugh!
    I bought some beautiful green apples the other day from them and 2 days later when I cut them they were all brown inside! So that was a waste of money... apparently they keep them up to 2 years in cold storage I don't know why!!! we go to the markets and buy as much as we can, so much fresher