Saturday, February 13, 2010

Waterfall Gully Walk.

Greetings Blogsters!
Yesterday we took my cousin (who is over from Italy) for a walk up the hills to a place called Waterfall Gully, here in South Aus.

We went for a nice walk up the mountain with lots of nature to see along the way. We were going to go all the way up (3km) but when we got about 1km up it was just too hot so we turned back. (It a very steep climb).

I was able to take some lovely shots so I thought I'd share a few with you.
If you want to see more you can click on my flickr link.
The first two are of the waterfall. (I know! To those of you who have humungus waterfalls, this is more of a trickle). To us though it's a Waterfall.
I love this spot, it's so serene and only less than ten minutes from the city!
I love Blackberries and although they're just starting to ripen, I have to confess I JUST HAD to sample. YUUUMMMY!!!
This photo below is my fav, I would love this in my back yard!
This photo below is a game for you, it's called 'Spot the Cricket'.
This looks like debris but there is a treasure among it.
Let me know if you found the cricket!

I love the dry tree branch holding on tooth and nail, left and right is a photo of the woods, pretty!

We had a lovely walk getting to know my cousin whom we'd never met, he said he really enjoyed it too but wished it was a bit cooler so we could've gone all the way up.
My husband has agreed to take him back next week, one morning, early, before it gets too hot and then they'll have breakfast at the restaurant which has been (cleverly) constructed at the top.
LL Nat


  1. Ah what a wonderful place and looks like the weather is fabulous. This week I ventured as far as the woods, dressed up like an onion as it was freezing, wish we could have your weather :) Thanks for sharing your beautiful photographs. Looks like a romantic place too for a picnic.

    All things nice...

  2. Hi Natalie, thanks for stopping by my blog & for your lovely words : )

    Waterfall Gully looks like a beautiful place, it's a shame about our waterfalls, they are looking a little sad aren't they!! I had no idea you lived in Australia! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    Tan xx

  3. Thank you for your visit ladies!
    Waterfall Gully is a place you could go to when you need some alone time and get lost in it's serenity!!!
    LL Nat XO

  4. Oh I can remember staying up in the Adelaide hills and picking those blackberries I used to come back to the house where we were staying all covered with them but very happy!!
    I just loved the misty mornings and now I have them here too on the rainy days