Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Hat and Scarf

A few days ago My daughter asked me if I wanted to go to Spotlight with her, I jumped at the chance!
While she was looking for material to make my other daughter a bag, (which turned out beautiful by the way) . I went to look at the bargain table. (I love bargain hunting).
I found 3 ball of this gorgeous wool for $2 ea. I thought 'this will make a nice warm hat'.
Let me tell you, it is not easy to crochet with this wool, as it goes from quite thin to very bulky, as you can see in the picture.
The other night, there was nothing interesting on tv (I'm sick of crime shows) so I decide to crochet my hat. Here it is.  It was quick (I did it in a few hours) although the wool was annoying to pull through when it got to the bulky bits. No patterns were used. I just followed my instict!
I found a button in my collection that went perfectly with it so I stitched it on.

Considering we have been having weather in the high 30s, I never thought I'd be making a winter hat.
I had 1 ball of wool left over so I decided to make a scarf to go with it. I crocheted 3 long strands of chains, platted them together, tied the ends in a knot at top and bottom and left the ends loose as tassles.

As you can see it is bulky in places and thinner in others but I like things that are a bit different so at least I don't have to worry about seeing anyone else with the same! 
Total cost $6.
I hope you like and it inspires you to create!
LL Nat


  1. i LOVE IT!! They both turned out beautifully.
    Now, time to open an etsy store :)


  2. Thanks, maybe we can open one together, after seeing how beautiful the bag you made Tid, turned out.
    LL XO