Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Aldinga Beach Getaway

This weekend I went with my daughter Mina and her family to Aldinga Beach (South Australia) for a weekend getaway. The weather was nice and warm, good beach wheather.
The "Tour Down Under" (Bicycle Race) went through Aldinga Beach so the city was abuzz with excitement.

The beach on one side (Silver Sands) is so clean, has the finest sand and is just beautiful to walk on. In contrast just 5min down the road it is hilly, rocky and hardly able to walk on but great fun for exploring.

The first day we went to Silver Sands, there were cars parked on the beach, as far as the eye could see.
The last day my daughter and I took my granddaughters to the Rocky one where we had to climb down a steep, winding path. (I felt like I went back to my childhood as I was a bit of a tomboy and loved climbing rocks, trees, roofs, anything really). We went treasure hunting to see what little treasures we could find...

Ambi (Miss 9) found a shark egg, I found a rock with my initial on it, my daughter pointed out that the N was written exactly as I do my N's, I am including a photo to show you.
How Bizarre!!!
Sissy (Miss 5) found pretty shells and Mina photographed anything in sight. It was so much fun!!!

This is a photo of Silver Sands the rest below are of Aldinga Beach rocky side.

Left: Shark Egg Ambi found  
                             Right: Rock with my initial on it
Sissy with "Snowflakes Seaweed" she said "Nonna this seaweed looks likes snowflakes, hence the name

The girls had an amazing time and didn't want to go home

You can sure find some wonderful things on the beach
I love this photo of Mina, it's as though the Sun was embracing her
Mina looking to see what would make for a great photo
If you would like to view more photos of this amazing beach click on my flickr link on the right.

LL Nat x


  1. Thank you, they are natural, no editing.
    Thanks for your company at Aldinga. It was an enjoyable weekend especially the last day on those rocks, how much fun was that?
    I felt like a kid again.

  2. those shart eggs are Port Jackson sharks. They are small sharks, and are fairly common along the coast. The only reason i know this is because tavia had to do a show and tell, and helena found the shark egg on the net, and they said it was a port jackson shark. Great looking photos. Like the first one of the coast