Monday, April 26, 2010

Future champion!!!

Saturday we went to watch my son's soccer game.
It wasn't the best day but there some clear patches.
The photo I captured here happened because I saw my son change position from defence to they were 1 goal down...I knew instictively that he was going to shoot a goal...I saw the hunger witten all over his face!

I held the camera facing the goal...and to my surprise, not only did I capture the goal but (double whammy...I got my grandson running with the ball...a second before he let his right foot kick a great kick (he is only 3yrs old) to my daughter (who's out of the picture...she was on the right of the photo).
He has definetly inherited his father's gift!

If you look closely...the ball is at the back of the son is the one in yellow top, at the front, bending down for his victory...whatever it is they do!

LL Nat:~)

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