Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Northern Lights/Adelaide/South Australia

Greetings my blogster friends!
At the moment in Adelaide/South Australia we have the fringe festival and the city is abuuuuuzzz.....with tourists.

 Friday night, we went to see the Northern Lights (a friend had asked me if I had seen them.....seen them? I didn't even know about them, so much for advertising) and as,  I always take my camera with me I thought I'd take some photos...but alas my battery was dead.....not to worry I'll use my mobile, all excited I get it out, go to take a photo and guess what?.....yep you guessed it, 'low battery' on Saturday off we went again and this time both camera and mobile were totally charged...I made suuuure of that!

I could not believe how many people were in the city! The traffic was at a crawl. It looked like a foreign country LOL. Here in Adelaide we can still (NORMALLY) move with ease in the city!

Anyway getting to the point, I wanted to share, with those of you who can't see them in person, these beautiful lit up buildings, keep in mind these are just your normal, old stone buildings.

As you will see in the photos, these buildings are lit up with different patterns and colours, they look so good, they look as though they have been painted that way...until they change the pattern, that is!  ( This occurs every 5minutes or so ).

These lights go on from 28th Feb-5th March,
 every night from 10pm-12am
If you would like to see MORE, there are another 4 more photos on the next page and some more on flickr, you can click 'read more' below, or click on my flickr link on the right, to go view the other different patterns.
I hope you enjoy!!!

LL Nat :~)

The first three pictures are of the same building, taken at different times!
You can see how the patterns vary.



  1. Hi Nat, how awesome are those Northern Lights!! they look amazing & all the different patterns, very cool! Thanks for sharing these great photos :) xx

  2. Hi Tanya, thanks for stopping by.
    They really are even better in real life!

    LL Nat :!)