Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Today I had the pleasure of babysitting and spending some time with my granddaughters
 (so that their mum can have the day free for sculpting).

Children are self sufficient these days, they just about look after themselves.

Miss 9 and Miss 5 arrived this morning with their little suitcases in tow, filled with their favourite things, so between the videos, colouring in, stamping etc., there wasn't much I needed to do for them except make their lunch.

I took some photos of their artworks. The first three are miss 5's and the last one is miss 9's

I even managed to get some embroidery done while they were here.

I hope you're making good progress on your sculpt Min!!!

                                1/ Olympic Mascots by Miss 5

2/ Kevin and Russell from Up

3/ drawwing by Miss 5

4/ Food at Dragon party by Miss 9


  1. What a lovely blog! These drawings are precious. I still have a framed drawing of my son's in the kitchen. To me it looks like beautiful roses, but to his two-year old mind these were clocks. His favourite thing at that time. He is now a young adult but that picture makes me smile every single time I look at it. Carol :)

  2. Thank you Carol for your lovely comments.
    You sound like me in that you appreciate something as simple as a child's drawings for the little treasures that they are.
    I love watching my grandchildren draw, they put pencil to paper and out comes what they want to express.
    I wish I could draw with such ease. Anything I attempt to draw usually ends up in the bin.
    LL Nat :)