Monday, January 18, 2010


Computers, don't you just love them? The exteded warranty runs out and what happens? Ahhhh!!! You start having problems with them.
I have been without mine for a few days, until today that is. I called the computer technician and thank goodness he was able to come past within a couple of hours.
I'm happy to say it was something minor that he was able to fix there and then. Hooray I can now check out everyone's blogs.
Thanks Min & Mauri for letting me use your laptops to check my emails, over the last few days.
Maybe we should start a new sign off appropriate for today, instead of best wishes etc., we could say,
"wishing you computer problem FREE days".
Love'n light Nat

1 comment:

  1. well thank goodness for that.

    And you can use my lappy long as I get it back within 10 minutes, cos I can't part with it for long...just ask my husband ;)

    welcome back! x